Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Finally! - Really Right Stuff TVC-34L is on it's way to me.

This is a short, quick post. Well, it only took a little over a month, but I recently got word (email) from Really Right Stuff that a brand spankin-new RRS TVC-34L tripod was on its way to me.  I have to give some thanks to Casey over at RRS as he was one of the best CS reps I have had the pleasure of dealing with.  He even forwarded my requests to the Higher Ups to try to get me my tripod in time for my trip to Alaska.  Not sure if it helped, but it definitely made me feel good knowing that they are looking out for people wanting their products.  I will be getting the RRS TVC-34L tomorrow and will work on a comparison between it and the Gitzo GT5541LS as well as pictures showing them next to each other.  I hope to get this up tomorrow night.  Stayed tuned!

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